§ 1  Name and seat of the Association
The Association is named "ESG - Europäische Spielesammler Gilde – European Society of Game Collectors e.V." - hereafter called Association - and has to be listed in the Association Register. Its seat is in Marburg.
§ 2  Scope (purpose) of the Association
(1) Scope of the Association is to promote the cultural treasures of games and the investigation of their history as well as the mutual exchange of experience in collecting and preserving the inheritance of European and International games.

(2) To achieve that the Association calls every year amongst other things for a Meeting of the Collectors.
The Meeting decides on further activities, as per example to set up an own homepage or the work on common data banks.
(3) The Association is liable only within its own capital.
§ 3  Membership

(1) The Association consists of: 
     1.  Ordinary Members
     2.  Extraordinary Members
(2) Ordinary Member of the Association may become any physical person, qualified to act and to contract, who is willing to stand up for the scope of the Association.
Extraordinary Member may become any person, which is ready for supporting its scope.
The Board has to decide about any written application.
(3) The membership expires by a Member's death, by formal expulsion or by withdrawal (resignation?). Withdrawal needs a written declaration against a Board Member. It may be declared only at the end of the calendar year.
The formal expulsion may be declared, owing to a serious reason, by a member's Meeting, with 3/4 majority of the valid votes. It is especially admissible if a Member operated guiltily against the Association's interest, or when, after written admonition, he didn't pay the subscription fee within four weeks.
§ 4  Subscription fee
The year's subscription fee is fixed at the Member's Meeting, and is to be paid yearly in advance.
§ 5  Association's bodies
Association's bodies are the Board and the Member's Meeting.
§ 6  Rights and duties of the Board
(1) The Board consists of President, Deputy President, and Secretary. Any of the Presidents are separate responsible for the Association. All members of the Board must be members of the Association.
(2) The Board is to lead the Association, to administrate its goods for its scope, to lead and convene the Member's Meetings.
(3) The Board is elected by the Meeting for two years and may be removed only for important reasons before time. The Board remains acting anyhow, after expiration of the appointment, until a new Board is elected.
((4) The Meeting may call further Members to be assessors to the Board on his proposal. These are not allowed to vote in board meetings.
(5) The Board is acting honorary and without payment.
§ 7  The Member's Meeting
(1) The Member's Meeting has to decide particularly about approval and new election of the Board, and has to elect two Auditors. Any Ordinary Member among those present may vote.
(2) The Ordinary Member's Meeting is to be called by the Board yearly in writing, communicating the agenda. The communication has to be forwarded at least two weeks before the meeting date.
(3) An Extraordinary Meeting is to be called when required by the interest of the Association, or when required from the Board in writing by a third of the Members, specifying purpose and reasons.
(4) The Member's Meeting is lead by the Presidents. If one is not present, by the other. If both are absent, the meeting elects a chairman among those present. The Meeting may vote to add an item to the agenda fixed by the Board.
(5) Where not differently stated by the Statute, the majority of casted valid votes is decisive. In case of a tie, the vote of the President decides. If he is not present, decides the vote of the Deputy President. If both are absent, the vote of the chairman in the Meeting. The voting is to be in writing, if at any time required by one third of the present Members.
(6) To modify the Statute the majority of two third of the valid votes is required. To modify the scope of the Association or for its dissolution, a majority of nine tenths is required. Pertinent items of the agenda are to be notified in the exact terms within the call for Meeting.
(7) The Meeting's resolutions are to be recorded in writing, these minutes are to be signed by the clerk and the chairman. They must give place and times of the Meeting, and any agreed on decision, and are to be forwarded to all Members. They are approved if no objection ensues within 14 days.
The above written constitution was established at the founding meeting on 05.02.2000.
Foundation Record                              
We, the undersigned, hereby become members of an Association called "ESG - Europäische Spielesammler Gilde - European Society of Game Collectors e.V." under the above Constitution, which was unanimously approved at Nuremberg on the 5th of February 2000.
The following have been elected to the Committee:
Mr. Rudolf Ruehle (President)
Dr. Bernward Thole (Deputy President)
Mr. Rainer Schiefer (Secretary/Treasurer)
The year's subscription fee is 30 Euros, due at once.
Nuremberg, the 5th of February, 2000.
Signed by all the 11 Founding Members from four European Countries.

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