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"TIPP-KICK"  -  table soccer game

The most popular table soccer game in germany is TIPP-KICK. Since 1923 every child (and adult) knows this game. See our new page "TIPP-KICK". You will find a great documentation called "What the hell is TIPP-KICK ?" in english !


Did you know that there are games about Easter? See our page: "Ostern"

Wolkenkuckuckshaus - House of Cards   Design by Charles Eames

These card game is designed by Charles Eames, in  1952 and 1958. We show you the various editions of these rare and hard to find card game. "Wolkenkuckuckshaus - House of Cards"

Rick Tucker "Mr. Tiddlywinks"

Our new ESG-member Rick Tucker is collecting Tiddlywinks. He has more than 2000 variants of these game.  Visit him on his "Private Collectors"-page "Rick Tucker"

Das Gänsespiel - Game of Goose - .....

Englisch Game of the Goose; Französisch Jeu de l’oie; Italienisch Gioco dell’oca; Spanisch Juego de la Oca; Niederländisch Ganzenbord;
Luigi Ciompi made a very impressive page with more than 900 games. See this page and more informations about the Game of Goose at "Das Gänsespiel"



125th anniversary of RAVENSURGER is in 2008. Ravensburger made a very nice calender with many informations about the company and the games. Each member of the ESG got one of these calender that is not available at shops. ESG-members say "thank you" to Ravenburger.

Have a look at some pages of these "Ravensburger Anniversary Calender".

See also our new "Ravensburger-page" with many informations about the Ravensburger Casino-Series, Traveller-Series, Studio-Series, some Reprints of old games, ... and many more games.

Spear Company

The most famous game of Spear Company is Scrabble, but in the archiv of the Spielemuseum at Nürnberg are 600 more Spear games. Come and see the "Spear-Spiele" page.

When I was in Las Vegas

I saw ......    You can see it at  "Verspieltes aus aller Welt". (Gaming all over the world)

A happy new year

to all visitors of our ESG-page.

All the best to our  ESG-member Bruce Whitehill

At the 28th december Sybille Aminzadah and Bruce Whitehill get merried. 
Bruce Whitehill wrote books about american games and his article "Caring for games" is very informative to all who have to clean or repair games. See the page of "Bruce Whitehill".

Executive board:

2007 / 2008

At the end of this year 2007 we can look back very positive.
Our second exhibition in Essen was very succesfull.

We say welcome to all new members. The growth in 2007 was contrary to all expectations very good, especially in Essen. On the other side very joyful.

In the talks about 2008 in Essen we´ve gotten a lot of  suggestions,  offers of assistance and the willingness, to push the ESG.

Now we´re looking for a new nice theme, attractive for the public and absorbing for the collectors.
More informations you find in the "Members only" section.

Games about: Christmas - Advent - Santa Claus .....  

Do you know games or puzzles about this topic? 
See what we found up to now: "Weihnachten - Advent - Nikolaus".


1 year  ESG - Homepage !!!   

VOne year ago, in november 2006, we startet the new ESG-homepage. Up to now we had more than 50.000 visitors. We made more than 70 articles and the page Publishers shows 53 pages and Topics has 40 pages. Overall there are 8.500 files, the most of them are pictures. 

The ESG-homepage is work of reference to click around and find many things of interest and curiosity. The "Jati-Search" had more than 3000 clicks and is one of the most seen pages. Our internal pages "About us" and "Our games" are also often seen. On the page "Collectors - Private" you can see some of our members and our "Games-Zoo" is matchless.

Avalon Hill

ESG-member Andree Tietjen gives a first view on his Avalon Hill project.
If you have more informations about Avalon Hill please contact him and help to get a complete AH-list.

und Sammlertreffen

Spiel ´07 ESG-theme: Die Entdeckung der Welt - conquer the world

In Cooperation with Merz Verlag the ESG shows on the Essen game fair SPIEL ´07 ( October 18th-21st 2007) a game exhibition. The yearly meeting of the gamecollectors on friday 19th october shows many games and give informations about games with the theme: CONQUER THE WORLD.

First pictures and impressions from the meeting 2007 you can see at: Sammlertreffen 2007

Cycling board games exhibition

Anki Toner shows his great collection of cycling board games. In the Museu del Jogeut de Catalunya in Figueres/Spain from 04th oktober to 25th november 2007. If the trip to Spain is too far for you, have a look at his great site "CYCLING BOARDGAMES" you can find at "Radrennspiele"

NEW:  The "ESG - games - Zoo"   for all family

We are proud to present you our new "Spiele-Zoo". Walk around and see the many animals from all around the world. Welcome to our "Spiele-Zoo"

Winnetou- and Wild-West Games

A very nice collection of Wild-West games. Have a look at our new page: "Winnetou- und Wild-West Spiele" and see many games from the 60s/70s.

Autorennen - Car Racing - Formel 1 - Grand Prix .... 

See the many photos of "Car Racing" games on our new page: "Autorennen - Car Racing"

Pit  -  ZASTER 

Pit, the fast-paced card game.
Since 1896 this game is played. Find informations and many pictures on the  "Pit - Zaster" page.

When I was in BERLIN

I saw ......    You can see it at  "Verspieltes aus aller Welt". (Gaming all over the world)

The theme for the exhibition and the game collectors meeting in 2008 ....

.... has to be found out of a list with more than 40 themes. This is the job the members of the ESG are doing just now. They try to find an interesting theme that will be presented in october at the game fare "Spiel ´08" in Essen. Up to then have a look at the  "ESG Game Exhibition 2007"

Yahtzee -  Kniffel 

The good old Dice-Poker. Like in the cardgame you have to make "streets" or "full house". In 1956 the game "Yahtzee" was published first in USA and in 1972, with the name "Kniffel", the game came to germany. See the many pictures from the first editions to the actual ones on our "Yahtzee - Kniffel"-page.

Zooloretto - "Spiel des Jahres 2007" in Germany 

In the year 2007 a little bear got very famous in Germany - "Knut the icebear" from the zoo in Berlin! But now a second bear is famous too. It is the little bear on the box of the game Zooloretto. This game won the award "Spiel des Jahres 2007". Game of the year 2007. Look our page "Spiel des Jahres" and see all the games winning these award.


What has 100 tiles ... 225 squares ... a multi-colored board ... and millions of fans of all ages, backgrounds and locales? Look our new "SCRABBLE"-page with more than 100 pictures around the worlds most famous crossword game.

Scandecor - Games from Sweden 

1977 to 1979 the Scandecor company produced games. Who knows them? See this 8 super rare games on our page "Scandecor".

1000 km - Mille Bornes 

Who will do the 1000km first? That is what you have to do in this great Car-racing-card-game. This game was made in 1960 from a frenchman, but the roots you will find in USA! See our "1000km - Mille Bornes"-page.


First edition was 1958 from Jumbo company in Netherland. 2 years later MB company produced the game in USA. Look our "Stratego-page" and see the many Jumbo-, MB- and international editions. See also the great "Ed Collin´s Stratego Side".

Yspahan for Windows - Freeware 

Our ESG-member Günther Rosenbaum has made "Sankt Petersburg for PC" some years ago. Now he has finished the work on his second Softwareproject "Yspahan for Windows". See the page of the Westpark Gamers to get the Freeware. The download language packs are available in: english, romanian, french and italian.

Clue  -   the classic detektive game 

Six people, six weapons and nine rooms = 324 posibilities. We show many editions of these worldwide known game. Here we go to  "Cluedo".

"White Wind" games from Alan Moon

From 1991 to 1995 White Wind published 10 games. 7 games came in the  "Limited Edition 1200" and one of these games was in a later edition "Spiel des Jahres" in Germany.
See these rare and hard to find games from Alan Moon on our new page: "White Wind"

Horseracing games

We show older german games from Schmidt Verlag and Jockey from Ravensburger. Also you can see "Win, Place & Show" from 3M up to the new TURFMASTER from AZA. See our new page "Pferde-Rennen"

"Trivial Pursuit" - the classic trivia game

The most sold Triva Game worldwide is Trivial Pursuit. See our collection of roundabout 100 pictures of the most Trivial Pursuit games. See "Trivial Pursuit games" from 1981 up today.

"la storia di risiko"   -   The RISK Book

All about RISK, history, tactics, a new game, 4 nice old plans and much more.
The autor Roberto Convenevole still has some of the books. A must for all RISK fans. Find more informations on our "RISIKO-page".

What did I see in ATLANTA / USA .... ?

If you are interested, look here.

alea games - a must in every gamecollection 

See the supernice and decorated games on our new page:  "alea-Spiele" 

La Conquête du Monde   -   RISK !   -   RISIKO 

From the first edition 1957 in France up to the software versions from today, we show many pictures and informations about the classic game from Albert Lamorisse. Also many international editions and all the german editions you can see at our new page: "RISIKO"

Cycling Board games

Anki Toner from Spain and the dutchman Ludo Nauws show their great collections of cycling board games. See their super nice and very interesting pages and find some more informations about cycling board games in our topic:  "Radrennspiele"

Collecting dice !!!

We show you interesting internet-pages roundabout collecting dice. I did not know that there are sooo many dice !!! See our page:  "Würfel sammlen"

Topic:  "Spiel des Jahres" - "Game of the year in germany" 

In each gamecollection you find these decorated games. We show you the 1st editions, variants, expansions and curiosities around these excellent games. Enjoy our new page: "Spiele des Jahres"


The dutchman Albert C. Veldhuis and the german Roland Klose found many informations and many pictures all around these classic game. Have a look at their very interesting pages. Monopoly

Games about Fairy-Tales 

From games about old fairy-tales from the Grimm Brothers via the "Spiel des Jahres 1982" SAGALAND up to modern fairy-tales like "Lord of Rings". See Collections - Topics - Märchen.

Vater und Sohn  =  Father and Son  -  popular old card game 

The topic "Games about Comics" shows these super nice cardgame from 1935 with all his cards. Enjoy "Vater und Sohn".

3M Flyer Spiele fuer Erwachsene.jpg (41562 Byte)

Minnesota Mining & Manufactoring Company  =  3M

Many gamecollectors have this games on their shelfs. Attractive Boxes, great autors and many good games make the 3Ms worth to collect. Look at our new 3M company page.    

All the Pelikan games !!!

Great picture show of all games from Pelikan made from 1974 until early 80s.

"Jos. Scholz Mainz" company

Many pictures and big list of all the Scholz Spielen. 40 pictures with 100 games !!! 

Caring for Games  - Cleaning and Repairing Your Games -

Bruce Whitehill our ESG-member from USA sent us that very interesting and helpfull text.

Games about: War and Propaganda in the 1940s in Europe

You can see many of these hard to find games..
See these old and rare games: Collection - Topics: Krieg und Propaganda

New page Literature

Shows a list of books about Boardgames and links to the games magazines. (in german language)

Where are all the  jati bookshelf games from 3M ?????

Someone told me there are only roundabout 100 copies of these game.

We would like to make a picture gallery with all the existing jati games.

Please ask all the game collectors you know to send us an email with a photo of the game with his owner.
If the owner is not willing to be on the photo, he can make a photo of the game plus another object on, that allows to identify the owner and the game. 

Please help us !!!

New interesting pages added !

Nice older games from  Hausser Verlag, with the cardgame "Elfer Raus". Also some Informations about the early magnetic game "Der magische Roboter" (magic robot).

Weihnachtsspiel_1989_Kramer_70.jpg (128945 Byte) The members of the executive board ESG wish you:

"A peaceful christmas time, in 2007 good health, always luck  and much time to play and enjoy live"

On the left you see a page of a magazin from 24th december 1989 with the game "Würfeln unterm Weihnachtsbaum" from Wolfgang Kramer.

Puzzle Geschichten Plakat.jpg (71121 Byte)

Exposition: Puzzle Geschichte(n)

From 3rd december 2006 until 18th february 2007 you can see in Esslingen in the J.F.Schreiber Museum an exposition about Puzzles. 

This is an information for all who are interested in the partly very old tasks.

NEW: Gamecolletions


See the nice 3M side, the Ravenburger Spiele and the very beautiful CASINO-Serie.
Promotiongames show the original game and the promotion game: Werbe-/Promotionspiele  
(sorry, not in english)


The gamecollectors!

New on this side is Klaus Thiel, he collects "Schwarzer Peter" cardgames.
and Ingo Laubvogel the man with 7 Jati.

"Internationale Spieletage SPIEL ´06" in Essen

The big game fair "Spiel '06" in Essen, Germany just closed its doors.  Many new games were introduced.  Also new at the show was our very own ESG booth.  Go to the "Events" section to see more information about the booth.

The yearly meeting of the members of ESG was also held at the convention.  We discussed our organization, our administration and our website.  You can see the first version of our new website at "".  We were unable to obtain, but is easy to remember and easy to type.  It is much shorter than our previous domain and it has the European ending ".eu".

We are now in the process of filling out our website.  In addition to the site information, we would like to include information about as many "collectors" and "collections" as we can.  Our goal is to make it interesting so people will stay and learn while viewing our pages.  Hopefully, this will inspire them to share their pictures and tips with us too.

We have posted a few pictures and descriptions to show you how easy it is.  We ask that our visitors send us more information, including pictures, lists, descriptions, stories, tips and other game related items, so our website will grow.

We will also be adding a Forum to our website.  Discussions, questions, answers and news from game collectors will be included here.  The quality of any forum is only as good as the members who meet there.  We know game collectors are among the best, so we are looking forward to the lively discussions that will come from the many creative members we have.

Thank you very much for visiting.  We hope you will participate in our organization and our website.

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