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"Spiel des Jahres"  2013 - Hanabi

More informations see "Spiel des Jahres" and Hanabi

ESG-Topic 2012: "Ich bau Dir ein ... - Bauspiele"

Games about "build" something was our topic for the exhibition this year at the game fare in Essen.

Link to a german article at the page "Spiel des Jahres"

"Spiel des Jahres"  2012  - KINGDOM BUILDER

More informations see "Spiel des Jahres" and "KINGDOM BUILDER"

"Spiel des Jahres"  2011  - Qwirkle

See our pages "Spiel des Jahres" and "Qwirkle

ESG-Anniversarygame   "Alex & Co"

At the SPIEL ´10  the ESG presented their Anniversarygame. More informations and the english rules you can see at: "Alex & Co".

"game of the year 2010" - Dixit

Informations about all the "game of the year"/"Spiel des Jahres" and the 2010 game of the year "Dixit".

Railway Games

There are many games about railroads, steamengines and trains. See many of them on the page: "Eisenbahn Spiele".

Risk International 

A new site is devoted to Risk®: the world's most famous strategy game. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the board game they present an “expansion”. Find the link to this new page on our page "Risiko / Risk".

"Archaeology in Games" 

From April 17th to October 18th, 2009, a special exhibition on this subject will take place in the Archaeological Museum in Bad Fallingbostel (Lower Saxony). More about the exhibition see on the page of our ESG-member "Bruce Whitehill".

Bookshelfs - Bookcases .....

See our new page with german and international games in bookshelfs/bookcases: "Buchspiele".


It is told that Marco Polo brought the game from china to europe. See more about these game on our page: "Domino".

When I was on a Cruiseship

I saw .....      You can see it at  "Verspieltes aus aller Welt". (Gaming all over the world)

Mastermind - Superhirn

Everyone knows these 2-player game where you have to find out the colourcode. See the various editions of these worldwide known game on our page: "Mastermind - Superhirn".

Theme 2008:   FOOTBALL - SOCCER

At the game fare SPIEL ´08 in Essen (23. - 26. october 2008) you saw an exhibition (stand 5-52) round about football/soccer games. And also at the meeting of the "gamers and collectors" on 24th october we presented many games round about these theme.
To get an impression about football/soccer games, see our page "Fussball-Spiele".

Rubik´s Cube   -   Zauberwürfel

In 1980 this game won the award "best Solitaire Game" in Germany. More than 160 million cubes were sold worldwide. See more information about "Rubik´s Cube / Zauberwürfel".


In 2008 Avalon Hill made a new edition of these outstanding game that was published first time in 1962 by 3M company. More about the game and the various editions in our picture-gallery at: "ACQUIRE".


You can only collect FRANKLIN MINT games if you have enough money. See these supernice, exclusive and expensive games of "THE COLLECTORS EDITION" on our page: "Franklin Mint".

Bruce Whitehill receives 2008 Bradley-Parker Award

More about the award and Bruce Whitehill you can see on the ESG-page "Bruce Whitehill".


Tangram also called china-puzzle, comes from china and is dated somewhere between 800 to 400 before christ. In the early 19th century it came to Europe and America. See more about these old but interesting game on our page "Tangram"

The german "game of the year 2008"  is  Keltis

Dr. Reiner Knizias game "Keltis" is the 30th "game of the year" / "Spiel des Jahres".
See all these 30 games on our page "Spiele des Jahres".

UEFA European Championship 2008     

We show you a collection of many games and puzzles about "Soccer". Have a look on more than 200 different games in our new picture-gallery: "Fussballspiele" 
(Sorry, there are only german language games in this galery. If there is a collection with international Soccer-games around, please let us know, we would like to link them!)

Ravensburger games from the 60s

The Ravensburger games from the 60s have the "11.000" numbers. We show you these very famous games on our page: "Ravensburger Spiele aus den 60er Jahren".


This company made very nice games from 1979 to 1987. The most of the games were designed by the italian Marco Donadoni. See the games on our page: "INTERNATIONAL TEAM".

NEW 3M BOOKSHELF GAMES - Page 01 - Titel.jpg (127690 Byte)


Probably the first coloured 3M catalog from 1965 with game-description and super nice pictures. See at "Kataloge / brochures" on our "3M-page".

Ravensburger games from the 50s

We show the good old Ravensburger games out of the 50s. At that time our ESG-member Erwin Glonnegger was responsable for the games of the company. See the page: "Ravensburger Spiele aus den 50er Jahren".


A limited very exlusive RISK edition that is not available in shops. See and read more about these game on our Risk-Page "Risiko-Seite"

Games about economy

Monopoly, Acquire, Stocks & Bonds, McMulti/Crude, Playboss ... are some of the many games about economy. You deal with real estate, stocks, oil, cars ... and so on. See the games on our page  "Wirtschaftsspiele"

Keith Havens is the designer of 3M´s Jati

An article in the Minneapolis Tribune from 5th december 1965 shows the way to Keith Havens. More informations on the  "Jati-Page".

    Older articles you find in our archives

Jati - Search
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See the Jati-page

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The ESG-Games-Zoo

Der ideelle Wert -  An diesem Spiel hängt mein Herz I love dice Der ideelle Wert -  An diesem Spiel hängt mein Herz

Some nice games from the collection of Rudolf Rühle (RR)

Auf in den Kampf - Abel Klinger (RR)

Der Kampf gegen Russland (RR)

Klaus Störtebeker und die Hanse (RR)

altes Reversi (RR)

Tipp Kick und Varianten (RR)