The History of the European Society of Gamecollectors (ESG) 


The ESG was founded in the spring of 2000 during the toy convention in Nürnberg, Germany by Rudolf Rühle, Mr. and Mrs. Schiefer, Bernward Thole, Mr. and Mrs. de Cassan, Werner Sommer, Roger Kaysel, Han Heidema, Frank Ükermann and Jürgen Schick.

Later in  2000, the well known game collectors meeting at the Essen games convention was held under the leadership of the ESG.  It was at this convention that the ESG gave each member a free game gift, a practice which is still in place today.  These gifts are limited edition games, which are available for purchase by other convention participants.  Have a look at the "Spiele der ESG" (Games of the ESG) and you can see these games.

ESG's first president was Rudolf Rühle, who served until 2002, when he was replaced by Dr. Kay Rehders.  Dr. Kay Rehders resigned in 2005 and was replaced by Rudolph Rühle, who again served as president.  In the spring of 2006, the members of the ESG elected Jochen Corts as their new president at the cardgame collectors meeting in Mainz. Bernwart Thole was the initial vice-president and served until 2004 when Frank Ükermann replaced him.  The initial treasurer was (and still is) Reiner Schiefer.  

Beginning in 2002, additional executive board members were selected to concentrate on special themes.  Klaus Thiel is in charge of "Family Card Games".

The current executive board is comprised of Jochen Corts (president), Frank Ükermann (vice-president) and Rainer Schiefer (treasurer).


(Thank you Martin for the translation)


The gamecollectors-meeting in ESSEN